Home Maintenance & Rental Solutions

Home Improvement Services 

Home Maintenance Services 

Rental Solutions 

Rental Solutions at an affordable rates 

Short/Long Term Rental Accommodation

Single/Shared accommodations are available for Male/Female bachelors who are looking for trouble free luxury living at affordable rates. 

Single Family/Town Home Renting 

Rentals are available  for Single Family and Townhome at an affordable rates for a flexible terms

Rent your Home thru us and feel better 

Want to rent your home through any of above model?  we have a solution for you. We can manage your rentals using any of the above options for a fee of 10% -15% of total rent per month

  • Carpet/Wood Flooring Replacements 
  • Kitchen Remodeling

  • Home Interior Renovations

  • Patio Addition & Modifications

  • Deck Addition & Modifications

  • Home Painting Services

  • Plumbing & Irrigation Services 

  • Gardening/Tree Planting Services 

  • Home Power Washing Services 

  • Lawn Moving Services
  • Plumbing/Sump pump Repairs  

  • HVAC Repairs 

  • Electrical Repairs 

  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Sprinkler/Winterizations

  • Appliances Repairs 
  • Doors & Windows Repair

  • Photo Frames


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